Hello world!

Is it too late to start a blog? Well, probably! But what can I say, I have never been a trend follower (sue me!) and also because I’ve always been a firmer believer in the “why do today what you can do tomorrow!” lifestyle A.K.A laziness. but the truth is that a blog is a great way of communicating and sharing your thoughts and ideas and interacting with other people, and is probably the best outlet to allow myself creatively, God knows I need it! I hope to share with you my ideas, loves and lifestyle and I wish it’ll be as pleasant for you as will surely be for me.
I’ve seen many blogs, but if you ask me I really don’t know how to make one, so I’ll share,randomly what I think, hoping I won’t kill you with boredom =)
I’ll leave you with some pictures (because a blog has got to have pictures, right?) of a fast trip I did to Rome last week, no need to say Rome is breathtaking, hands down the most beautiful city I have seen so far in Italy, but honestly there’s no much someone can say, in this case, pictures will pretty much do the whole work. I hope you enjoy it and welcome to my Style Lot!


Fernanda R.

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